Website Evaluation of The Faculty of Industrial Technology Universitas Islam Indonesia Using the System Usability Scale Method


  • Rafi Arribaath Alfaresy Universitas Islam Indonesia
  • Chanifah Indah Ratnasari Universitas Islam Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author



System Usability Scale, SUS, Usability, User Experience, Website


To maintain and improve the quality of the website of the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI), Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII), usability testing is performed on the website using the System Usability Scale (SUS). This study aims to evaluate usability and analyze the user experience on the FTI UII website so that the faculty can follow up on it. Respondents consisted of 41 active FTI UII students. Respondents were asked to complete scenarios on the FTI website while being watched by examiners. They then filled out the SUS questionnaire with ten statements and a Likert scale for answers. Using the SUS method, the test scores were 69.32. Based on these results, the acceptability of the FTI web is in the MARGINAL HIGH range, the adjective rating is at an OK level close to GOOD, the grade scale is in class C, and the Net Promoter Score (NPS) could be passive on website users. Based on these results, it can be concluded that the usability of the FTI UII website is acceptable to users but has not yet attained a maximum score; therefore, a user has not yet recommended the site to other users. This confirms that the FTI website requires additional enhancements.


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