• Ibnu Rusdi (1*) STMIK Nusa Mandiri
  • Indra Febria Widy (2) STT Cendekia
  • Noviyanti Peratiwi (3) STT Cendekia

  • (*) Corresponding Author


In this paper we will discuss the process of making a web-based thesis management. The author raises this theme because currently students often encounter problems with thesis writing which requires a lot of time and also requires a lot of paper for revision from the supervisor. Writing confirmation is very important for students in the process of making student writing, which will be assessed by supervisors where student creativity is seen in the later stages of the thesis writing process. The model that the author uses supports the System Life Development System (SDLC), namely the Waterfall Model (Waterfalls), which is expected to be easy in developing software (Software) at each stage that is done mutually supporting one another. Stages of work in this paper starts from gathering the source of the problem of the process of making student writing and finding a goal to facilitate students in communicating with the supervisor. With the management of this thesis it is hoped that it can be used as data in assisting students' writing, and making students not have to waste paper in the revisions of the supervisors.


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