Author Guidelines

For authors who wish to contribute to this journal, you can view information about the management and publishing of the Jurnal Riset Informatika in About Us. Every writer who wants to contribute to the Journal of Information Research must register in this electronic journal system, through the Register / Registration menu at the top of this site. Online registration is free. Uploading can be done as follows:

  1. Log in using the username and password registered or the author has done.
  2. Manage your account by adding Roles to the View Profile, click the Author & Reader checklist and click the SAVE button.
  3. Then click the left Submission menu, then select New Submission.
  4. Perform New Submission for 5 steps and don't forget to upload the script in step 2 on the "Upload Submission File" menu (in the article component select Article Text). Continue uploading the submission file until it's finished.

Journal article script format

  1. The length of the manuscript is between 6 to 12 A4 pages (210 x 297 mm) in the format of the manuscript according to the template provided, including images and tables. The manuscript is written with an upper limit of 3 cm, 2.5 cm left and right, and 2.5 cm for the lower border.
  2. Title, Keywords, and Abstract written in Indonesian
  3. The maximum number of title words is 16 words. If the title is too long, the editor has the right to edit the title without changing the meaning of the title and without the author's approval.
  4. The article starts with Abstract English and Indonesian. The abstract may not contain images or tables. The abstract must describe the essence of the overall article content (background of the problem, the method/model used, the purpose of the study & the results of the discussion)
  5. Keywords contain four to eight words, separated by commas. Keywords are chosen carefully, so they can reflect the concepts contained in the article and help increase the accessibility of the article in question.

Systematics of writing articles must contain:

  1. Introduction
  2. Research Methods
  3. Results and Discussion,
  4. Conclusion
  5. Reference
  6. The references used are a minimum of 10 sources of reference, with> 70% being published in the last 10 years. Reference sources 80% must be from research journals that are relevant to the discussion, and 20% may be from other sources.
  7. The editor will do a similarity check using the plagiarism checker application, and for a similarity index that exceeds 20%, the editor will not process the text to the next stage.
  8. Please check the status of your article periodically by first using your account login.

Jurnal Riset Informatika (JRI) is not responsible if in the future there are certain parties who are concerned about each journal content that is published both in print and online because each article published is the responsibility of each author.