Texture Feature Extraction of Pathogen Microscopic Image Using Discrete Wavelet Transform

  • Hasan Basri (1*) Institut Teknologi dan Bisnis Bank Rakyat Indonesia

  • (*) Corresponding Author
Keywords: DWT, Pathogen, Extraction Feature


This study used a case study of Jabon leaves, and the pathogen is one of the causes of disease that attack the leaves of jabon, one of the leaf spots and leaf blight. Discovery of leaf spot disease in different pathogens and leaf blight. The pathogen was obtained from the leaf spot of Curvularia sp. 1 and Pestalotia sp., while the pathogen came from Curvularia sp. 2 and Botrytis sp. Identify the pathogen as soon as possible to minimize its effects. Improper handling can lead to increased virulence and resistance to the pathogen. Improper handling also can cause a disease outbreak (disease epidemic) in a region. This study is the first step in identifying the pathogens responsible for Jabon leaf disease. In this study, the Application of Koch's Postulates method to achieve the purification of pathogens and retrieve the microscopic pathogen image as the data acquisition stage. Furthermore, use of the segmentation stage to separate the object pathogen from the background, and one of the methods used is Otsu Thresholding. The extraction process of pathogen microscopic image using Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), DWT extraction results can be obtained using energy and entropy information.


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